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ZSG High Conviction AgFund

“You can lie to everyone, but the bull...”

No Fear Advertisement, circa 1990's


A germ of an idea sown by clients, who asked why there aren't more opportunities to invest directly into Agriculture, and more importantly - how to.

Currently in concept phase with seed investment contributions, the ZSG High Conviction AgFund will seek to invest in high quality agriculture and agribusiness companies, aiming to deliver a return on capital over the medium to long term.

As the fund progresses through these initial development phases, this page will share some of the investment ideas and the rationale that warrants their inclusion in the fund, in a manner similar to how I have presented high conviction investment ideas on Seeking Alpha previously.

The high conviction viewpoint stems from my time riding bulls on the rodeo circuit in the Northern Territory many years ago. High conviction obviously because when you strap yourself on to a 1 tonne bull there's nothing but high conviction!! 

AgFund Concept: 


  • The ZSG High Conviction AgFund is designed for investors with a medium to long term investment objective focused on achieving growth through agriculture and agribusiness related investment concepts. Investors are prepared to accept higher volatility in pursuit of higher growth.

AgFund Investment Strategy:


  • The ZSG High Conviction AgFund investment philosophy is ‘style neutral’. The security selection process has a strong bottom-up discipline and focuses on buying quality businesses at reasonable prices that demonstrate potential for longer term comound earnings and growth on capital.

  • We define quality businesses as being those with the following five attributes:

    • earnings strength (particularly improving return)

    • superior industry position

    • a sound balance sheet

    • strong management

    • low environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk

Alignment—we are invested alongside you

  • The ZSG High Conviction AgFund is our fund concept and we invest alongside our clients. This ensures we have a strong alignment with our clients’ needs and interests.

“ Farming looks mighty easy when your plow is a pencil,

and you're a thousand miles from the field...”

— President Dwight D. Eisenhower


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Colin Lea
BA, BBus, GDFP, CFP®  

Financial Adviser, Author & Veteran


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