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  • Colin Lea, BBus (Ag Comm), BA, GDFP, CFP®

Time spent preparing the ground is never wasted...

In military terms the translation of the above viewpoint is that "time spent on recon is never wasted"; the inference being that the time spent understanding the dangerous environment you are about to enter into will deliver disproportionate results by ensuring you are as well prepared as ever to achieve an optimal outcome.

In agriculture circles, regardless of the enterprise, the time taken to prepare the ground is never wasted; offering an inverse opportunity to deliver optimal results. For those at the top of their game, they know that the time spent doing the one-percenters, all the things that most people don't see, is fundamental to achieving optimal results.

The rapid onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on society broadly, caused the majority of people to evaluate what is truly important to them, especially during lock-down. In our business, I made the early observation that "at the end of all this sh#t" (Australian description of the pandemic), people would seriously evaluate who stepped up for them, who delivered, and who they would want on their advisory team in the future. In my case, the inverse of this, was really coming to terms understanding which clients of mine I really value and enjoy working with.

Needless to say, coming from farming stock and working in agribusiness prior to joining the military, I have found that my natural affinity for clients is towards those working in farming enterprises, agribusiness, and businesses that support those enterprises. Faced with the choice of driving a desk, or getting out and driving to my clients, the obvious choice sees me on the road throughout North Queensland getting out to my client's businesses from the Burdekin through to the Tablelands.

On reflection through lock-down, this then got me thinking to how can I better support this client base using the power of technology? When I am driving through some of our regional areas, I find myself tuning into radio national, and listening to more tailored content geared towards the clients in these regions and industries. So my mind turned to developing a range of content from blog posts and updates, VLOGs and Podcasts, that would offer clients and readers access to the same types of information regardless of bandwidth or connectivity.

To that end, in the last couple of months, I have been spending time "preparing the ground"... I have been redeveloping my blog site, changing it into what I hope will be the landing page for information developed for those working the land, and all those who support those that do. It's not static; development is ongoing, with the seeds planted now designed to provide a range of content from free open access, through to subscriber content, all the way onto tailored face-to-face engagement plans designed to support the growth of client's businesses and enterprises.

I hope you find what you come to this site looking for, ready to engage, and prepared to join me on this ride through the long paddock. Remember that Farmers and Business Owners quickly come to the understanding well ahead of others that:

"You don't get anything that you don't work hard for..."

If you'd like to take your enterprise through its' next evolution, please reach out and touch base as I would love the opportunity to assist you through these challenging times, and help you achieve the stretch goals you set.

Cheers, Col


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